Abandoned Pink Diner -

Abandoned Pink Diner

Abandoned Pink Diner

The Famous "Fallout" Abandoned Pink Diner

Not much is known of the actual, or real history of the famous abandoned pink diner. It has been extremely popular in the urbex community for obvious reasons. It’s a mini time capsule, with lots of interesting details and aesthetic to photograph. Rumors are that it was from the 1950’s, and some think that it was a more modern diner, decorated to pay homage to the earlier era diners. The real truth is probably closer to the later, as there seems to be some signs and details that point to a more modern history.  Whatever the history is, it’s a fascinating place to visit and take photos of.

I’ll update the blog as I find out more history of this awesome little place simply known as the “abandoned pink diner”.


Abandoned Pink Diner Photo Gallery

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