Abandoned Houses Photo Gallery

One very common thing to find is abandoned houses. This is especially true in the certain parts of the country, such as the east coast and South States (Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Carolinas, Alabama, and Tennessee). Many times, it looks like the family just left one and shut the door, leaving everything behind. For most of these forgotten homes, no one is left to take care of them, or wants them, and they fall into a state of disrepair. This can happen due to various reasons including death and foreclosure. 

While it’s sad to see some of these personal belongings left behind like family photo albums, and love letters from decades past, abandoned houses are one of my favorite things to explore and photograph (especially if there’s vintage furniture left behind).  Some of these houses look like a true time capsule. Again, if you decide to explore and photograph abandoned houses, please be respectful of the property. If you find a location you’d like to photograph, try to track down the owner and gain permission. And most importantly:  don’t break anything, don’t graffiti the place, and don’t steal anything. Leave the property just as you found it.

Below are just a few images from abandoned houses and abandoned mansions across the United States. These photos will be periodically updated, but make sure to check out the blog for featured houses.

Photo Gallery