Abandoned Gila County Jail in Globe, AZ

The original Gila County jail in Globe, AZ, has quite the history, and is known as one of the more haunted places in the state. The abandoned Gila County jail has even been featured on the tv show “Ghost Hunters”, when they made a trip to the old jail for some ghost hunting.

The jail originally opened in 1910, two years before Arizona became a state, and was just the “Arizona Territory”. It remained in use until the fall of 1981. 

The Jail Today

While the jail is no longer used to house prisoners, it does play home to many different spirits, and is very popular in the ghost hunting community. One of those reported spirits is of Kingsley Olds, who was accused of drowning his employer’s two young daughters in 1911. While Kingsley was kept in isolation awaiting his trail, he was shot in the early morning hours. The gunman shot from the courthouse across the alley, and waited all night. The night before his death, it was reported that Kingsley was quite anxious and unsettled. He claimed to have been visited by the ghosts of the girls. It is believed they were trying to warn him. Ghosts of the two girls are reported to be be seen in the jail. These are just a couple of the ghost stories linked to the Gila County Jail.

You can learn more about him, and the other ghosts and stories about the jail through one of their tours.

Tours are offered for a small donation that helps maintain and restore the old historical jail. Learn more and book your tour at their Facebook page.

Photos of the Abandoned Gils County Jail