Breakers Waterpark - Abandoned in Arizona

Abandoned Breakers Waterpark in Tucson, AZ

Abandoned Breakers Waterpark

Breakers Water Park, located just off I-10 in Marana, was the only water park left in the Tucson area after Justin’s Waterworld closed in 2007. After construction began in 1982, Breakers became a very popular destination to cool down during the hot summer months. Over the years, it would feature multiple water slides, a children’s splash area, and the largest attraction, a wave pool. By some figures, the wave pool was said to hold up to one million gallons of water, and was one of the largest in the US. It remained a local hotspot until a few years before it finally closed for good as the park ran into maintenance issues, and rumors of health and ethical issues (poor pay for employees being cited as one of the main issues). The owner cited the rising cost of minimal wage as the reason for the park’s permanent closure in 2018. However, some of the waterpark’s patrons cite that the park was not cared for and money was not reinvested in it to keep it up to date and repair broken attractions. Online reviews cite customer experiences arriving at the park to find only one or two rides operating, as the rest were out of commission. Online reviews of the Breakers Waterpark were less than flattering.

In the fall of 2018, the waterpark suffered a fire in one of the main buildings. Several years later, the site of the abandoned Breakers Waterpark was completely bulldozed, and nothing remains of the popular waterpark.

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