Abandoned Domes in Casa Grande -

Abandoned Domes in Casa Grande

Abandoned Domes in Casa Grande

Casa Grande's Abandoned Domes

The abandoned domes in Casa Grande, AZ, are one of the most popular abandoned sites in the state of Arizona. And, they probably have more conspiracy theories surrounding it than any other place. They were one of the first abandoned places I visited when I moved to Arizona.

In the late 70’s, the domes were built by a company called Innerconn Technology to manufacture computers but were never completed as the company went bankrupt. They left the buildings to decay in the harsh Arizona weather. One of the buildings is shaped like a flying saucer, and the other three are as if spheres were joined together, like a giant caterpillar. They were built as domes because it was cheap, quick to build, and would help with temperature regulation in the hot Arizona sun. Each building took about six weeks to build at a cost of about $150,000 per building. 

Once they were abandoned, the Domes became a hangout for graffiti artists and a place for teenagers to party. Locals used the location as a dumping ground, leaving behind tires, furniture, and hazardous waste. With its location in the Southwest part of the country, the domes also attracted a steady following of UFO and alien hunters. The remote location made it an ideal place for parties, raves, underage drinking, and drug use. With so much activity, the rumors, ghost stories, and conspiracy theories began to spread. 

Visitors have reported unusual sounds and strange figures lurking around the area. hearing children screaming in the distance, being stalked by mysterious figures, and other odd happenings such as malfunctioning electronics, tapping and knocking noises on vehicles, and being attacked by disembodied hands. 

Ancient Burial Ground and Ghost Stories

The Domes are also supposedly built a burial ground site for the Anasazi tribe. The story goes that a medicine man from the Tohono O’odham tribe supposedly cursed the land. Legend has it that there are a few murder victims buried at the Domes, also adding to the ghost stories. And then there’s the satanic cults. Witnesses say that a cult of mysterious robed figures uses the Domes to perform blood rituals and sacrifices in an attempt to channel energy from the shape of the structure. The occultists claim that the unique shape allows them to open portals and summon demons from another dimension. According to some, the cults not only sacrificed animals in their rituals but humans as well. There is some evidence to back this up. Police have found the remains of a dog in the Domes, as well as parts of a human body stuffed into a plastic bag. There are more stories and legends, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Domes Today

Over the years, the concrete on the Domes began to weaken and fall apart. The Pinal County government has ordered the demolition of the domes several times since 2018, but as of 2022, they still stand. Some people have been able to contact the owner and get permission to visit the site, but that appears to no longer be an option. Please note that the domes are on private property, and it’s trespassing to be on site of the abandoned domes in Casa Grande. It can also be dangerous as the structures are continuing to collapse.

Casa Grande Domes Photos

Below are a few shots of the abandoned domes.  These were taken around 2018, so the site has changed some since then.

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