Abandoned Citrus Warehouse -
Abandoned Citrus Warehouse

Abandoned Citrus Warehouse in Arizona

Lots of  people wonder how I find abandoned buildings and places to go.  A lot of it involves scouring Google maps, and looking for certain characteristics that make a property or building look abandoned, and then doing some further research.  That’s how I stumbled upon this little plant, which looked to be an abandoned citrus warehouse.  I found it on the maps, looked intriguing, and asked another local explorer if they knew anything about it (since they were more familiar with this area of Arizona than I am). They confirmed it was abandoned, and had in fact checked it out a couple months earlier.  I looked at a few of their photos to see if it was worth the 2 hour drive, and made my plans to visit.

This place took a couple of trips to see. The first trip ended up being more of a scouting trip. I was in a nearby town visiting some other abandoned buildings, when I decided to drive out and check out the abandoned citrus warehouse also. The area I wanted to park at was a no go. As I drove by, there was already an odd looking car parked behind the bushes with someone sitting in it.  The vibe was a little off, and, being in middle of the desert and alone, you gotta be smart about who you want to approach/and when.  I drove off and left it for another day.

I came back a few weeks later, earlier in the morning on a weekend. This time the area was clear, so I tried to park a little inconspicuous and headed out towards the plant.

The abandoned warehouse/plant itself was small, and there wasn’t much left behind. There were a couple of forklifts left, and a bunch of stacked crates in the open warehouse. There was a trailer beside it that may have been used as an office for the plant at one point, and then turned into a residence. It now was just an abandoned trailer that has been left alone for quite some time.  Check out the photo gallery below of this abandoned site. It was quick trip, but a decent little find in the Arizona desert.

Abandoned Warehouse Photo Gallery